The D&B Hoovers directory includes 120 million+ business records with Company Profiles being the leading driver of traffic to with 65% of visitors entering organically. I worked cross collaboratively with developers, PMs, key business stakeholder, and Testing to optimize the design of the Profile pages before the larger migration to
ROLE    —-    UX + UI  
TOOLS    —-    Adobe XD + Adobe Illustrator + Invision
DURATION  —-   September 2017 - February 2018
CREDIT  —-   Merritt Aho & Lennon Cole - Testing /Caleb Eubanks - Sr. Design Director / Eric Freeman - SEO / Ryan Schnurrpusch - Development / Kristin Hirsch - Project Management
Organizations spend a lot of valuable time everyday searching for company information. While we have the world largest commercial database our company and industry information was spread throughout the site making it hard to find. Modernizing the site would improve the customers experience and SEO and results in higher traffic and conversion rates.

Our company profiles should be the destination for everything you would want to know about a business. Easy enough… right?
An agency was hired to do the initial design of the new company profile page. To mitigate the risk of launching a full overhaul of the company profiles we were able to quantify the performance between the new and old pages ahead of launch. Analyzing site traffic, we were able to better understand what type of company information was driving traffic to our site, and with extensive user testing, we were able to make informed design decisions.
The user tests helped us identify three things: what we’re confident works, what we’re somewhat confident works and what we’re unsure of. Identifying “confidence levels” allowed us to recognize what needed more work. We also had to take into account our technical requirements and limitations related to development. 
The new company pages condensed the what was previously on 5 pages into one and we were able to add never-before-presented content such as the company’s family connections.
+40% CVR Sustained! 1 year after launch the company profiles pages saw a 532% increase in leads! 

This project was a great example of how design thinking and aligned objectives pays off. Empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test, implement! Yas! Even though there was a little friction at the beginning trying to advocate for initial UserTesting, I’m glad we were able to show the value taking that step to have a clear vision and prioritize task. Otherwise you are just throwing spaghetti at a wall to see what sticks. 
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