Dun & Bradstreet has the world’s most comprehensive commercial business data. In an effort to create 1 global site, D&B Hoovers directory of 120M+ business records will be migrating from hoovers.com to dnb.com. That change will introduce another set of users with different interests, namely company profiles and credit reports. I worked closely with development, testing and optimization, and PMs to create a  search experience that would serve our different users.
ROLE    —-    UX + UI + Prototyping 
TOOLS    —-    Adobe XD + Adobe Illustrator + Invision
DURATION  —-   July 2018 - ongoing
CREDIT  —-   Tara Yukawa - production / Tracy Panek - copy / Tony Baby - Testing 

Dun & Bradstreet had a number of sites, each serving a specific, sometimes niche, audience and DNB customers were confused as to where to go for what. 

One site and one search to rule them all! Dnb.com becomes the destination for prospects, customers, partners, analytics, and investors.  

Search and filtering by industry on mobile

An agency was hired to do the initial design of the new search experience. First thing we did was conduct usability testing in order to get feedback on the proposed design and functionality. This was a crucial part of development and decision making. Analyzing site traffic, we were able to better understand what people were searching for. 

Progression of the search window with explanations below 

I created the prototype in InVision and helped write the script for User Testing. In addition to the user testing we also recruited colleagues from different departments to participate. It was a lot of fun sharing the prototype with colleagues that were not familiar with the optimizations that we work on and they enjoyed inclusion! They gave great feedback. 

With 12 initial testers, a lot issues, both surprising and not so surprising came up: 
[Proposed search from agency] - Business decided not to separate the search  
[Search used for User Testing 1] - Users did not recognize the white, outline pill button as a button and had trouble completing a search
[Search used for User Testing 2] - We thought showing site results would help users find what they were searching for faster but users had trouble differentiating the right column from the left and an overwhelming percent of the searches are for companies so we decided to scrap that idea. 
[Search for launch] - Testing on the company profile pages showed that some users were just interested in buying single credit reports and were not interested in the profiles so we included direct links.   
This search experience is currently being tested for 4 weeks while we closely monitor if the test is running behind from a conversion rate perspective. 

Development and technology limitations can be really frustrating! Often we would be down one path and requirements would change causing us to scrap entire sections because the data limitations.
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